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Why Invest with us?

As a boutique Nordic private equity investment firm we offer our investors a unique investment opportunity into the Nordic elder care sector

Four reasons to invest with Digital Care Capital

Better screening of targets

Our deep knowledge of the elder care market and access to a wide network of stakeholders, including, elder care providers, suppliers, regulators, labour unions, industry associations, etc. enables us to better screen potential investment targets.

Proven value creation model

A key pillar of our Execution Framework is the digital transformation plan which has been executed successfully on some of the largest regional and local government digital transformation projects over the last ten years.

Proprietary deals and network

To generate deal flow, we are in constant dialogue with Nordic elder care companies that are an attractive investment target and to keep our proprietary target analytics engine up to date.

Return profile visibility

Our tailored deal-by-deal / fund-of-one investment vehicle is designed to provide you with complete visibility of your investments with us, including the location, business plan, timeline, ESG considerations and the return profile.

Typically, this initially entails one platform company with sales ranging from €20m to €200m and roll-on companies with sales ranging from €1m to €20m.

Equity ticket size: €10 to €15m.

Investors participating in the Digital Care Capitals’ investment vehicle are furnished with transparent, dependable, and precise information. They stay well-informed about the latest developments at Digital Care Capital and its portfolio companies through regular updates, including quarterly financial reports, email notifications, conference calls, and annual meetings.

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