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Image by Sami Matias

Our Vision

We deliver trend shifts through digital transformation, creating sustainable, adaptable, and resilient elder care companies that can withstand the test of time, benefiting both our investors and society at large.

Our Values

We aim to cultivate a performance-driven culture built on integrity and trust. To reinforce this ethos, we've established three core values to guide our conduct: Growth Mindset, Integrity, and Putting the Team First.

Our Execution Framework

To enhance value creation within our portfolio companies, we've developed the DCC Execution Framework. This collaborative approach of working with the portfolio companies is grounded in our extensive experience and expertise in transforming Nordic elder care companies since 2010.

Working with portfolio companies

We have a passion for and pedigree in transforming elder care businesses the right way. Our long-standing relationships and experience with a network of market leading elder care technology service providers enables us to deliver quality, cost beneficial and resilient transformations to the portfolio companies we work with.

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