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Why partner with us?

We want to offer a fair market value and take your company to the next step while preserving your good company name and taking good care of your employees

The value we create for our partner companies

Our digital-first approach will steer the partner company into the digital age by adding world class technological capabilities to remain competitive, resilient and future proof. Our active ownership model enables us to work as trusted advisors to the existing management team and execute the growth strategy that transforms the day-to-day operations of the partner company and unlocks value.

We bring a solid understanding of the Nordic elder care sector and years of hands-on experience with digital transformation of care services. We will leverage our strong network of CareTech providers to the advantage of the partner company in its digital transformation journey.

We work closely with our partner companies to develop a growth acceleration strategy, build the right team to execute that strategy, sponsor the development of marketing and sales approaches for new customers, develop a digital transformation plan, establish state of the art IT architecture, optimise the working capital and funding mix by negotiating credit facilities with banks, comply with the financial, operational and ESG reporting requirements, and execute mergers and acquisitions.

Case - Municipality of Copenhagen

Taking complexity out of care and nursing delivery.

The Municipality of Copenhagen delivers care to more than 6,000 elderly Copenhageners that have chosen municipal home care and is thus a very large supplier of home care in Copenhagen. They work every day to ensure that the elderly feel in good hands and are satisfied with the support and help they receive.

In the municipal home care, elderly can choose to receive virtual visits, which are home care or nursing care through a tablet screen. Here elderly can get support from a care worker through the screen.

Virtual visit is an offer for those who have been screened for home care or nursing care, and who can and would like to manage more themselves. Together with an care worker, you decide which physical visits can take place via the tablet screen.

Those who are already receiving virtual visits in the Municipality of Copenhagen say that they:

  • Better can plan their day, because with virtual visits it is easier to determine exactly when during the day the help will be available.

  • Feel safe.

  • Feel more independent and can handle more things by themselves.

  • Feel more private in your own home.

  • Meet a familiar face on screen (permanent staff).

  • Get their help on time.

Virtual visits have been one of many CareTech implementations to drive the digital transformation journey to optimize operations and delivery of value based care to elderly. 

Contributions: new digital transformation strategy, supported the management team in successful execution, and provided operations excellence CareTech and adoption services.

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